Event Management

NorthEast Texas Community Events is proud to announce our offering of event management services for all of your public and community events.

If planning your annual events has become a bigger task than you have time to manage, NETX Events is here to help. Our professional event planning staff has years of experience in event planning and management. We’re here to help support you and your organization to ensure a successful event for both planners and attendees.

Our staff has the resources necessary to ensure that your community event maximizes it’s potential and meets or exceeds your community outreach and profit goals. We work with local vendors and artisans and can quickly and easily set up a successful event for your organization.

Types of Events We can Manage:

All types of public community events
Local municipal events and parades
Fundraiser Events for Nonprofit Organizations
Local for-profit business events and grand opening ceremonies

Types of Events that we do not Manage:

Private Engagements
Birthday Parties

For more information about our Event Management services, please contact us at (903) 269-4839 or send us an email.